Terms and Conditions

Your cake is very important to us. please take the time to check that the details you have provided us with are accurate. Please let us know immediately if any changes are needed. Bear in mind that changes to the cake may result in price changes too. Last minute changes cannot always be accommodated.

To secure your booking, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit and the balance will need to be paid 1 week before the cakes due date.

Food Allergies

Baked goods may contain allergens such as eggs, nuts and wheat. Information on ingredients will be provided on request.

We are able to accommodate specialdietry requirements, however, we will not be heldresponsible for any alleric reaction.

Use of Photographs

We reserve the right to photograph your cake throughout the creative process for our own reference and marketing. We will not share photos of your finished cake before the completion of your event without your prior permission. We would love to see pictures of you with your cake so please feel free to send these to us via email or social media. Your testimonials are welcome.


We will ensure that your cake is made as structurally sound as possible, however, once your cake is collected it is your responsibility. We would suggest taking your cake straight to the venue after it is collected.


Usually your cake will be fine left in a cool place out of the sun. Icing colours can fade if the cake is left in direct sunlight. Do not put your cake in the fridge as the icing may ‘sweat’ or discolour when brought back to room temperature. If the weather in your area is extremely humid (like it is in Auckland!) we find using a heat pump set to a ‘dry’ mode (and cool temp) works well.

In addition to the points above, heat can make buttercream icing melt.

Consume cakes within one week of the function.

Consume cupcakes within 24 hours.

Inedible parts of the cake

The cake may include non-edible decorations which must be removed before the cake is cut and served, such as wired sugar flowers, fresh flowers, models and/or internal support structures.

Cake cutting

Cakes need to be cut with care.  Use a long bladed serrated saw knife, which must be SHARP.  Use a clean damp cloth to clean and moisten the blade between each cut – this will help stop the knife dragging on the cake crumb. Use a sawing action with the serrated blade – don’t just push the knife downwards – and make sure to cut all the way to the base board. To obtain the optimal number of servings ask a professional to cut the cake or alternately follow a cake cutting guide (can be found online).


By viewing and accepting this item/s, the customer acknowledges that it is in good and undamaged condition. No responsibility can be taken by SugarCake for any subsequent damage once the cake has been handed over to the customer or venue. Baked goods may contain allergens such as eggs, nuts and wheat. Information on allergens will be provided on request.

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